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1825 Balloons
  • 1825 Balloons

  • Hi guys~ I've been flickr blogging quite a bit recently but haven't touched this site in a while. Partly because, these past few months I felt like I didn't have a voice. Today though, I wanted to write something in the process of letting myself heal from a bout of negativity. I've had a couple of close friends recently who say they sense some sort of sadness in me; I have to acknowledge (and also apologize) that 2014 hasn't exactly gotten off to a very good start. Occasionally in life, I wa[...]
  • AV F/W : Lethal's Bold Prints

  • So has officially began on Sept 29th and is going on continuously everyday till the 5th of October. You can find on their website a Calendar & Timeslot of all the fashion shows happening if you're into watching runway shows in Secondlife! I've watched a fair share during my time in SL and they've always been super fun and interesting. It's lovely to see how creators decide to string their collection together in a show~ Today I'm mixing and matching some tops/sweaters from - a brand who will[...]
  • AV F/W : The Annex's English Countryside

  • Been busy creating some fun things for you guys for Wizarding Faire and Halloween (Nu'ville Horrors) but wanted to sneak some down time to do a blog post for coming to you on September 29th - October 5th. This time round I'm going to do a brand that isn't on the main shows for Avenue but rather their finale Oct 5th show which features individual outfits from some of the other smaller brands participating. This show starts at 6pm on October 5th if you guys are interested to go - but really, most[...]
  • AV F/W : Amarelo Manga's Cobalt Blue

  • Hi there again! I'm back with another mix and match from the creators of coming to you on September 29th - October 5th. This time round I decided to go with pieces from 's collection. It's always refreshing to see a great pop of color during Fall and Winter seasons, especially with all the heavier fabrics and layers we start to get. For Amarelo Manga, her collections great pop of color comes in a vibrant shade of cobalt blue! Amarelo Manga's dress "Leopoldina" is gorgeous by itself but inste[...]
  • AV F/W : NYU Statement Coats

  • is fast approaching - to be exact, it will take place on the 29th of September to 5th of October. A 'thank you' to the AVENUE staff for approaching me as one of their bloggers to cover this event. You can find other bloggers covering this event as well over on their . It's been fun to get snippets of what will be showcased during this Fashion Week. The next few blog post would hopefully show you guys some of the items that will be available at this event, with the idea of mixing and matching th[...]